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      Roll Disposable Face Towels

      Home / Products / Disposable Face Towels / Roll Disposable Face Towels / GJ04-LADY LUCK Degradable 55 PCS Spring Roll Disposable Face Towels

      GJ04-LADY LUCK Degradable 55 PCS Spring Roll Disposable Face Towels

      This is one of our LADY LUCK disposable face towels, made from our own 75g super thick non-woven fabric, 20*20cm in size, making daily cleaning easier and quicker, and the drawstring design makes it easy to hang while effectively keeping out bacteria and dust. In addition, the dry towels are so versatile that you can wash your face, remove your make-up, wipe your feet and so on all at once, so you no longer have to hang towels all over your bathroom. In the future, the dry towel will surely become an indispensable product in the field of beauty and personal care. Our company accepts OEM/ODM, come and customise your own brand of towels!


      Product details

      Materials:? Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric
      Sheet Size: 20×20 cm
      Skin Type: Sensitive
      Product Benefits: Softening, Clean
      Certificate: GMPC, BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14001
      Usage: Beauty & Personal Care

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