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      Reusable Party Straw

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      ZX04-JIAYAN PETG Food Grade Halloween Series Silly Drinking Straw

      The JIAYAN?Halloween Cartoon Shape Straw is in size of 8*220cm, designed with Halloween inspiration, the existing styles are skull, ghost, pumpkin and other shapes, among them, the pumpkin model and ghost model are whistle straws, soft and bendable, blowing into the tube can make a sound, so they can also be used as children's toys. This product is made of food-grade raw materials and meets hygiene and safety standards, so that consumers can have fun and use it with confidence. Our company provides OEM/ODM service, welcome to consult!


      Product details

      Materials: PETG(Food-grade)
      Size: 6mm diameter ×260mm length
      Package: 4Pcs/Bag
      Color: Neon
      Certificate: BSCI, GMPC
      Usage: Home, Party, Bar or Restaurant

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