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      Kitchen Wipes

      Home / Products / Wet Wipes / Kitchen Wipes / SJ06-LADY LUCK Yellow 40 PCS Kitchen Cleaning Wet Wipes

      SJ06-LADY LUCK Yellow 40 PCS Kitchen Cleaning Wet Wipes

      LADY LUCK Yellow 40 PCS Kitchen Cleaning Wet Wipes are made from 60g extra thick non-woven fabric and are 20*24 cm in size, making them thicker and more convenient to clean in a single pass. The wipes are made with a gentle formula that doesn't hurt your hands to use and the cleaning ingredients effectively clean kitchen grease and grime quickly. Use one wipe per use, throw it away when you're done, and say goodbye to germs! The wipes are made from environmentally friendly biodegradable materials, so you donnot have to worry about environmental pollution. Our company offers OEM/ODM customization service!


      Product details

      Materials: Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric, Lemon Essence, APG
      Sheet Size: 20×24 cm
      Fragrance:? Lemon
      Product Benefits: Fast cleaning, Gentle
      Certificate: FDA, GMPC, CE, BSCI
      Usage: Kitchen utensils cleaning

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