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      Down Jacket Cleaning Wipes

      Home / Products / Wet Wipes / Down Jacket Cleaning Wipes / SJ18-LADY LUCK Laundry Cleaning 80 PCS Down Jacket Cleaning Wet Wipes

      SJ18-LADY LUCK Laundry Cleaning 80 PCS Down Jacket Cleaning Wet Wipes

      LADY LUCK Down Jacket Cleaning Wet Wipes, rich in a variety of active stain removing ingredients, fast penetrating deep cleaning, mild formula does not hurt the clothing material and does not hurt your hands, can quickly remove oil, dust and stains on the surface of clothes. Winter clothing is heavy and troublesome to clean, but with our Down Jacket wipes, you can easily and quickly remove stains without washing. We are a professional wet wipe manufacturer with extensive experience in wet wipe production and can design and produce all types of wet wipes for you according to your requirements.


      Product details

      Materials: Spunlace Non-Woven Fabric, RO Pure Water, APG,Disodium ETDA
      Sheet Size: 15×20cm
      Fragrance: Natural
      Product Benefits: Softening, Clean
      Certificate: GMPC, BSCI
      Usage: For clothing stains.

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